How much text can you cite from another website in your blog before you’ve crossed the line and entered into copyright infringement? Is it okay to post an image you didn’t create in a blog? Even if it’s just for window dressing? Does the “educational” use of blogs in our journalism classes give our bloggers greater freedom and protection to cite text and post multimedia?

From a new Web log New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill U.. Dennis Jerz has been using blogs in his classes and finding some resistance to assigned topics. I think that sense of ownership is pretty cool, and I still waant to find ways to give my own students more ownership. But there is a difference with university students, isn’t there? There’s more of an expectation for structure on my level, or at least that’s my sense of it. Somehow, interspersed posts like “Sit tight. I’ll be back with something cool about my mundane student existence soon.” don’t feel as appropriate in high school. Sometimes I wish I was teaching college.