iBlog is Apple’s entry into the Web logging world, and we know Microsoft isn’t far behind. They look pretty standard, more MT than anything else. I apologize that I can’t remember who it was, but someone was musing on the effect this will have on other blogging systems out there, specifically Radio. I don’t claim to be as up on MT or TypePad or some of the others as I should be (like I even have time for this space…) but wouldn’t it seem that most primarily single paged Web logging will be under the domains of the big companies out there within the next five years? I know there will always be open source alternatives, but I think for most of the billions of people out there who still don’t even know what a Web log is, Microsoft and Apple will be their first introduction. And you know what that means.

Personally, I’ve been feeling lately like UserLand is missing an opportunity. The more I get my elbows dirty with Manila, the more I like it despite its quirks. I’ve finally gotten to understand that the power of the software sets it apart from most other Web logging apps out there. Thing is, no one else at my school sees it, yet. It’s taken me two years to wrap my brain around just how extensive the effects of a CMS like this could be here. Showing that to others and convincing them of same is no doubt going to be like pulling a cement mixer up a steep hill. Molecules at a time. But we’re all moving in that direction, I think, and it seems like medium sized districts who are looking for a fairly inexpensive way to move operations online, facilitate distance learning, and communicate more effectively with their publics (among other things) would be chomping at the bit to get something like this working.