Pat is laying the groundwork for a more formal EduBlogger network. He says

“I’m wondering what a sub-community of educators, edBloggers, might look like in a digitally enhanced professional network of any kind, and of the WP kind in particular. More later.”

I’m really interested in what the “more later” will entail because I too have been wondering where this excellent adventure might be taking us. Seems that we’ve got the geography covered (East: Joe, Sarah and the Middleburyites, and me, Midwest: Karen, Terry and Pam, South: Tim, Anne, and Terry F., Southwest: Sam, West: Pat, Karen and various disciples. Must be some folks up in Redmond I’m missing…) And I’m sure there are more… And talk of Blogvention is heating up which all leads to defining the core community that up ’til now is the sum of it’s disparate parts. Throw in a pinch of rebellion and…

That and as I’ve speculated before, I think we’re on the verge of a little breakout (Tech Learning piece should be out next week…) and if we can put some models together and compile a universal slide show of sites and possibilities, it might make introductions easier. If Pat’s wanting to formalize our collective, then we should probably set about answering some of the questions I posed last week. And what about ressurecting the EduBlogging book idea, in digital paper form, with personal experiences, models and ideas?

As Pam rightly says, this is energizing, and important work. I think we’ve all been searching for a bit more collective focus, and perhaps our sensei correctly senses the time might be ripe. Lead on, Patrick, and how ’bout more sooner than later?