My kids got all their Web logs set up yesterday, and this morning I aggregated them all into one space using the web-based news reader at I had to go that route because for now, at least, I need to be able to access that aggregation page from a number of different computers. If and when I get a laptop that I can plug into the network here and use at home, I’ll probably switch to Radio to do it. (If anyone has any ideas about a better way to do this, let me know!) I still haven’t gotten a clear answer as to whether this is possible in Manila, and whether or not that comment back feature could be included as well.

Good news is now I don’t have to click through 22 different sites to see what they are up to. Also, their sites are linked right from the post, so if I do want to comment on their work, it’s only one click away. And, it doesn’t seem to mind the character stuff that sometimes messes up the xml feed. Still not sure about how often the feeds are updated, whether or not links will come through (though I would assume so), whether or not pics will work, and other minor points like that. I have a feeling that this won’t be the ultimate solution, but for now I’m psyched to have taken another small step.