One of the things I really hate about referrer logs is when something new pops up I can’t help but start digging around and following links. I came in really early this morning to respond to my journalism class stories, but here I sit for half an hour looking new finds about Web logs and education. Sigh…

Not 100% sure what this is, but the site name, is intruiging enough. (No contact information that I could find through Internic either.) Looks like a class site, but not sure where or why.

It did lead me here, however, to a site out of Australia that looks like it’s carrying on a relevant discussion of e-learning at least with some mention and reference to Web logs. The author of this site is also an author of this 104-page .pdf titled “Blogs: Personal e-learning spaces.” It’s a little bit dated in terms of Internet time, but it highlights some of our usual suspects. Toward the end, page 99, the paper discusses their choice of blogging software used here, a site “dedicated to using reflective learning journals in a range of learning contexts” but that hasn’t been updated for about a year.

And so now I’m gonna have to explain to my students why half their stories didn’t get read…and I haven’t even checked my aggregator yet. Not enough hours.