Sometimes the basic stuff takes longest to sink in. One tool in Manila that I need to think through more is the e-mail notification, especially with the Ed-Tech Web log. It’s obviously a great way to keep everyone in the loop without necessarily visiting the site. I guess I get worried that we’re getting buried under so much stuff already that people would recoil at the idea. From a classroom standpoint, when I do the media weblog next quarter, I’ll definitely set them up so that everyone in the group gets a notification when stuff is posted or commented upon.

I could also do a better job with shortcuts, namely the creation of same. I keep forgetting that I could just type Pat in quotation marks (like I did just then) instead of going through the whole link process. And what’s up with Bulletins? I could use them to communicate directly with my students if they click the button during sign up.

Things I gotta learn/do:

  • How to save a theme (like these.)
  • How to use rss to aggregate all my students new posts into one space. (I wonder if I could respond to them from that space too.)
  • Whether or not Manila has a “Blog This” type add-on.
  • Try the relative path feature to change the URLs…Manila addys get long and confusing.

    BTW, in case I haven’t linked it before DeAnza College does have some awesome Manila support set up. (Via John Robb)