So many things to read and learn and so little time to do it that it really gets frustrating sometimes. Random thoughts…

…seems as though Joe is making some Earth move in Brooklyn, and that’s a good sign. Some hints of that here too as some in my Ed Tech Committee are actually starting to post to the Web log. And I’ve started another project for a colleague who is looking to do online lit circles. Some other nibbles at the fringes too.

Pat‘s idea of a blogvention piggy-backed on Dave Winer’s Weblogs in Meatspace idea makes sense to me, although I still like the idea of just the edu-focused of us copping our own space. Try as I might, a lot of the big blogging guns are just too far above me to get my heartrate up. I’d rather talk and think about things I can do in the classroom. (Course, as Seb suggested a while ago, we could always go here.)

…now that we got our cable modem, finally, we went WiFi at home this weekend…oh what fun it is to read recipies right off the Web while sitting at the island in the kitchen. I cannot believe the speed…just like sitting at the desktop (especially when compared to the 26.6 kbs I was connecting at from home!)

…going to tackle Smart Mobs over the break. The subtle yet fascinating ways that connectivity is changing the culture. Any one read it yet?